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Amazing, amazing dream Chi! Loved it and so detailed. Definitely a spiritual dream you lucky ducky

And yes, your conclusion sounds very on target to how it all begins. Like the book "The Four Agreements" which I got so much out of in the way of truth and opening my eyes more. When we experience certain things in our life or someone says a certain thing, we make an agreement that this is our truth or not.

Interesting that the word sin came up in the dream. hmmmm I've thought about this quite a bit through the years. Also, sins of our ancestors...meaning something that is passed on from parent to child. I don't think this implies the original act but the distortion/ judgment, hate, fear. However, there are other instances that I've thought about in regard to the "unknowing" someone that thinks they are doing good or the person that has lost their connection and is completely unaware that what they are doing is destructive....OR the participant in a system itself that is causing destruction (like buying gas or GMO foods, clothing, vaccinations, etc.) Do we have to know it is a sin to be a sin? Could it simply be that sin is anything that distorts truth, connection, balance? Isn't this similar to "karma"?

As to your best friend. I had a dream many, many years ago in which I had the same experience. I was reunited with a man that I loved so, so much and we went back eons. I remembered all this the moment we saw each other and the love was so intense and deep...don't think we have this type of love on the earthly plane. When I woke up, I missed him so very much and cried for a couple weeks non-stop. I don't know his name or where he came from but I still remember very vividly that love.

I also have UFO dreams in which this woman is always present. She does the same thing your best friend does in comforting and reassuring me. It is very interesting, isn't it? She seems very familiar to me as well but not in the best friend sense. She could be a guide or a representative of the beings that were showing me their presence in those dreams. Very pleasant and calming energy.

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