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Originally Posted by StevenOz
There is discussion about duality in the Matthew Books. According to them, we will be reaching fourth density from third density (which we are still currently in) late this year or early next year, when those with enough light will convert to age and damage resistant crystalline body structures, and the dark ones will die and their souls will go to other placements for them to try to work out the lack of love/light in their souls. Anyway, that's what it says in the books. I'm inclined to believe them based on a mixture of intuition and logic, but we will find out by early next year or sooner. I just get the "feels right" feeling after reading the books. It's hard to explain.

I don't believe that all greedy people dictators etc will be wiped out from the earth so soon or ever. We'd live in a state of nirvana if such thing happened I really can't see it happening.

Does it mean the end of Hollywood and Las Vegas that are so full of money hungry folks

Or those who enjoy killing because they have a gun in their hands
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