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Originally Posted by sisterlura
Chi .... WOW!! As I was reading your dream, 2 things came to mind: 1)whatever kind of tea this woman drinks before bed, I want some! and 2) this would be a fabulous tv movie! I love the way you use words and images -- and I was totally "with you" in this dream. VERY powerful!

It sounds very prophetic - and like Beana said, it could be a good indicator of the major shift that's going on. For myself, I seem to be in a perpetual state of change and confusion -- and this doesn't appear to be age or stress related -- I'm "accidentally" missing appointments, misplacing small items, dealing with a constant flow of other peoples' mini-crises (all out of proportion) .... like your starry sky, nothing is staying where it was familiar; everything's darting around and shifting like crazy, and I'm in a constant tizzy!

I don't know what all this means -- but I do think you are very fortunate to have your spirit guide (or whoever your best friend in your dream may have been) by your side at this time. May we all be so blessed!!

Love and light,

Is my spirit informing me or is my mind just releasing all the
penned up concern and angst regarding 12/21 that i didn't
even realize was there? From a linear perspective, this dream
makes me realized that on the surface i've been staying really
busy, not dealing with the thought of it at all. Ha! But deep
down underneath, i seem to be dealing with it in a big way.
From a spiritual perspective; it seems quite divine. The way
Time is speeding up and unravelling makes it feel like the
roller coaster ride of our lives, that's for sure. Is it all
for naught? Will the day come and go uneventfully? Will
the roller coaster ride come to a stop and we'll just get
out of the cars and go on about our lives? And if so,
what is the meaning in it; the reason for us all going thru
this? Will that alone be enough to change things and return
things to a new improved higher vibration normal?
On a lighter note, i have to laugh because i too wondered
if i had eaten some poisonous mushrooms or something. Ha!
Much Love,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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