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Originally Posted by beana
Well, Chi, your dream seems to be an indicator of what might happen in the next few months. So many people on Christian TV are having dreams of a major shift like a major outpouring of the spirit and people spiritually awakening.

A while ago the Christ spirit showed me about five of six UFO in space. They formed a circle. The stars you saw moving in the sky in your dream could have been UFOs.

For me, life has been very intense lately. I get some light and then I struggle with darkness. I am uncertain about what the future will bring but I think we are going through a major cleansing right now.

i agree; it seems to be effecting us all. For me it's Time;
Time is just speeding right by. I mean it was just Aug
yesterday and now it's Oct today. Time is moving much
to fast for my comfort level...
At first in the dream i thought the first one might be Jesus.
But they all looked the same. So either there were hundreds
of Jesus' or there were hundreds of angels. So to call them
angels seemed more plausible, since originally there was only
one Jesus. Huge Grin...
But it could be ET too (like you say) and just like centuries ago,
it feels initially like God. Guess, we'll just have to wait and see.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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