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Originally Posted by debabbott
Hey Chi,
This reminds me of the "coin concept" I've always held. You know, on one side of the coin is Joy and on the other is Sorrow so you can't have one without the other. Well, I know that to be true. In order to feel true happiness one must know the depths of sadness. At one point in my early twenties, I found myself, simply complacent - neither joyous or sadful, just complacent. And I wrote about my feelings then which allowed me to become aware that I was protecting myself from feeling. However, my lack of feeling was not working for me. ahahaha!!!

Anyway, now I know that life experience is for expression. I feel Creator expressing Itself through me and in that Expression, we are One. I am a Whole Being Within the Whole of Being. Just as Duality and Non-Duality are One. Isn't that just friggin' beautiful!!!!!!

Creator extends Itself through It's Creations and experiences All Life at Once. WOW, what a magnitude thought that is.

Gotta ponder on that one.

Love, Deb

i feel like i've had a handful of glimpses of that
"experiencing all that is at once". Fleeting flashing glimpses.
All of Creation is a wonderous thing.
Many Blessings Deb
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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