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Default Dream of Dec 21, 2012

i have to tell you all about this dream; it was so real.
First, the people in this dream:
My daughter Laura
her boyfriend Justin
Robin (my adopted daughter)
and a woman who is my dear and closest friend in the dream
(but i've never met her before in this life. When i woke up i
didn't know who the hell she could have been.)
Here's the dream:

It's Dec 21, 2012 and we're all in New York at the World
Trade Center Plaza. It's like this huge patio with rod iron
tables and chairs and they're piping in music, and we're in
a cafe/bar sitting in front of a plate glass window that looks
out onto this patio.... and we're talking about the day. "Does
anyone feel different? and the general consensus is "no,
everything still feels the same." And as we go on small talking,
i notice the sun up in the sky. It's dusk and the sky has turned
a very deep dark wedgewood blue and the sun is like a ball
of light with no rays and around the sun are these stars that
are circling around it counter clock wise and the last star in the
line is like a tail. They look like a kite's tail going around the sun.
I tell the others to look and i say "Wow, i've never seen that
before; have you?" And we're all sitting watching in awe. And
now there's a crowd gathering outside as others are beginning
to notice it. So we all get up and go out on the plaza with the
rest to get a better look. i turn to my right to see the moon
about 3 quarters of the way full and now a kite tail of stars
are going counter clock wise around it too. i turn back to tell
the others to look and they're not there. They're lost in the
crowd and i look all around for them and as i'm doing that,
i notice the sun is now gone too. The crowd is thick now and
suddenly i spot my dear friend and ask what where is
everyone; we have to find them. She says everyone must
be lost in the crowd. i feel such a relief that she's there with
me though. Such a comfort. We look up in the sky again and
now night is here and there's a million stars in the sky and
they're all darting around. none of them are stationary. It's
like the cosmos is shifting and nothing is normal in the sky.
Everything is moving. It's horrifying and incredibly beautiful
at the same time. It's like deep down there's a part of me
that is so calm and welcoming while the other part is
terrified. The crowd starts moving toward Church street,
something is happening on Church St. i glance around again
for Laura and Justin and Robin and they're no where in sight.
My dear friend comforts me and tells me they'll be alright.
and again i'm feeling so glad she's there. We move with the crowd
until we reach Church st. and there right before my eyes a huge
light being about 15ft tall is materializing in the street, dressed
in a flowing white robe. He has a human face and i'm saying
"Oh my God, this can't be Jesus? Can it?" i look to my dear friend
and now SHE'S gone again and i'm alone in this crowd. i scan
the crowd for all of them but i can't spot any of them. i looked
back to the street and now there's a hoard of these light beings in
the street passing by and it's like watching a parade. And they all
look exactly the same. And i think "They must be angels". and
as i'm standing there horrified and mystified at the same time,
one of the angel's calls down to me "You! You can come up
here now; right now! Come!" So i rush up to the bottom of
his white robe and a cloth ladder is dangling from his waist
belt and i begin to climb it... but i'm having a hard time, so he
reaches down his hand and lifts me up to his face and his hand
is now like a sheet of white light and its like a plateau that i'm
now standing on, staring into his huge face and there's such
tenderness emanating from his eyes... but his voice is like
thunder and he says: "There is a sin that sets the course for
the rest of the sins in your life; what is that sin? Confess it now!"
i'm standing there petrified. i don't know the answer. i haven't
a clue what to say. And then suddenly, it comes to me and i look
up at his face and say: " father".
And as i look into the angel's eyes, he nods silently and looks
tenderly into mine and then he sets me gently back down on
the curb and rejoins the parade of angels walking down the
middle of Church St, and as i'm standing there wondering
what is happening, i continue to watch these angels passing by
by the hundreds in procession as the dream ends.

i woke up with a start, grabbed my phone to see what time
it was. It was 2:33am central time. i got up and wrote it all
down. Before going back to sleep i wondered who was this
woman that i loved so dearly in this dream?
i don't know who she was.

Today on the way home from work i thought about this dream
and it occurred to me that in some of our lives (maybe all of
our lives) there is something that happens to start the ball rolling.
We go off half-cocked from that point on and never realize how
much of an effect that one thing turns out to have on the course
of our lives until we are much older.
Maybe that's truly what original sin means. Maybe each life has
its own original sin that sets the ball rolling. And that original sin
doesn't always have to be our own. It can be someone else's. And
maybe that's why we're all forgiven without even knowing we are
forgiven. i felt so blessed today. It was a great day. Love to all!
Joy and Light,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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