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Originally Posted by Chi
Frank up in Creativity got me to thinking with his "Joy in my Soul" poem.
Thank you Frank.

There are times in my life
when out of deep sorrow -
i've cried so hard that my tears have turned into laughter.

And there are times in my life
when out of enormous joy -
i have laughed so hard that my laughter has turned into tears.

In each case, it is as if Joy and Sorrow run right into each other -
and for a few seconds; they become one.

i was so intrigued by this phenomenon
that i set out in search of it in other polarities.

i found that Strength and Weakness come very close;
for there can be no Strength without the first sign of Weakness.
But they do not become one.

i found that Fear and Love also come very close;
But in the end, it is always one or the other that triumphs.

So now i was seeing how some dualities have their own nature;
apart from the others.

Sound and Silence:
Sound can be so high or low pitched that it cannot be heard by
the human ear -
and Silence; when listened to in complete quiet, can be very loud.

Hot and Cold:
Dry ice is so cold that it's hot -
so Hot and Cold run into each other too.

Movement and Stillness:
Moving at the speed of Light; it is as if one is still.
The Earth spins so fast and yet to us (standing on it) it appears still.

We exist in a world of opposites. Everything we experience holds
(in some way) a kind of moving back and forth between two opposite
extremes. And we think that we can't transcend Duality in this
time and space and yet not only can we; but in some cases, we do. Ha!
Or perhaps even more profound; in some cases Duality transcends itself.
Just glimpses...

Joy and Light,

Hey Chi,
This reminds me of the "coin concept" I've always held. You know, on one side of the coin is Joy and on the other is Sorrow so you can't have one without the other. Well, I know that to be true. In order to feel true happiness one must know the depths of sadness. At one point in my early twenties, I found myself, simply complacent - neither joyous or sadful, just complacent. And I wrote about my feelings then which allowed me to become aware that I was protecting myself from feeling. However, my lack of feeling was not working for me. ahahaha!!!

Anyway, now I know that life experience is for expression. I feel Creator expressing Itself through me and in that Expression, we are One. I am a Whole Being Within the Whole of Being. Just as Duality and Non-Duality are One. Isn't that just friggin' beautiful!!!!!!

Creator extends Itself through It's Creations and experiences All Life at Once. WOW, what a magnitude thought that is.

Gotta ponder on that one.

Love, Deb
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