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Originally Posted by angelsong
Hi Chi...interesting topic "duality"

I quite like what it brings us poetic minded folk something to write about.

As you, I have come to a place where I see the yin and yang of duality a much needed catalyst for movement and wisdom. I've pondered this topic a lot on my path. What is light, what is dark, what is good, what is evil....all the things that you have mentioned. I started off thinking that perhaps we were suppose to overcome our duality but I see that everything that we are is made up of opposite parts. Our brain for instance. It has a left side and a right side (we could go down the alien rabbit hole with that one but I won't go there) which operate and function in very different ways.

I think that I shared my Buddha experience on here before but I'm not sure. If I am repeating myself, I am sorry. The experience really opened my eyes though so it deserves a repeat if I did. I won't go into detail about it and will try to make it as short as possible. I was dealing with a particularly hard situation with a person that got caught up in their own ego trip and subsequently did and said some very cruel things to me and my family. It was very difficult because this was during the time that my son was having his surgeries and I was very vulnerable emotionally. On a normal day, I don't like to engage in people dramas or friction of any kind so I distanced myself as much as I could from this person and I prayed about this situation often. Despite this, the person persisted. I even did a chord cutting ceremony to release the attachment and all feelings. None of it worked and only seemed to worsen. One day (after two years if you can imagine!), this person was particularly cruel and just sent me over the top. I went outside on my patio and just cried my eyes out..two years of supressed emotion. Then I got really pissed. What is this?!!! What the *&^*& am I suppose to do and what the ^%*& am I suppose to be learning from this?!!! I've done everything, acted with love, not participated, prayed, meditated...what then...what am I not getting???!!!! Then I heard, "pray for her well-being and put a gold light around her." What? Oh! Oh! Pray for her well-being. I had prayed to have her stop what she was doing, I had prayed that the situation would resolve itself but I didn't actually pray for her well-being. Oh!, I don't think I can do that right now. Oh! I see. I was creating my own conflict in the energy by praying for the situation (how it was affecting me) and not for the person (I was forcing my will on the situation) and in this moment (for the first time in my life), I couldn't let this go and pray for this person's well-being. I was very humbled by that and how this situation has effected me...changed me. So, I decided to sit in my chair and meditate and try to transmute these feelings so that I could do this prayer.

Immediately, I found myself going into a deep state and before I realized it, I was someplace else. And there standing before me was Buddha. Much too happy and full of jolliness. Bobbing up and down with laughter. As with this type of deep state, the experience is telepathic so I understood that I was to follow him over to this person's house and as I did this, I found that I was looking out of Buddha's eyes and experiencing this walk thru his experience. Every step in his experience included the sky, the trees, the birds and there was a very penetrating spiritual energy/field...that was so alive and blissful that connected it all. There wasn't a sense of separation between anything...I was just as aware of my body as I was the clouds or the breath moving in and out of my separation. I immediately realized that I was experiencing life in its purest form..without the filters, the emotion. It felt incredibly free. The only way I can describe it in words. No wonder he was bobbing up and down with joy and laughter! When we got to her door, I was again fully aware that I was experiencing this without the emotions and then he knocked several times...continuing to laugh while he did it. Immediately I was aware that she was there and afraid to come to the door and then we were tuned into her personality and soul. She didn't feel loved and throughout her life has created these situations...self sabbotage type situations to destroy the part of her that she decided was unloveable. Now, normally this would send me into "rescue mode" jumping in with both feet, but I didn't feel that at all. I understood thru Buddha's experience that this was her soul's path to return her to love/to find connection again. From this I understood that interfering in this would prevent her from this process.

This is where the experience ended as I heard a loud sound that jolted me back to this world again. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the loud sound was a hummingbird hovering in front of my eyes looking at me. A good 45 seconds! As if to say, just in case you think your experience wasn't real, I'm here to reinforce the fact that it was I was buzzing and tingling so much from this that I had absolutely no problem saying that prayer afterward and putting the Gold light around her. I did it with my whole heart and the next day, after two years, she called out to me, "Annette! How are you doing?" Astonishing!

Oh my eyes were opened so much by this. How we perceive our How clouded our perceptions can be by our emotions and self beliefs. And how much we are missing that is all around us, within us. I think that we experience non-duality all the time and just don't realize that is what we are experiencing and probably don't experience it enough. I think it exists in those very present moments with loved ones, nature, dreamtime.

The question for me now is what would this world be like without duality? Would this world even look the same? Would there be time? Would I want to return to such a dualistic planet? ha! We've got a little bit of everything here, don't we? Talk about the perfect learning environment....

Much love,

PS...forget "short" post with me. Never going to happen.

This is absolutely beautiful. I am so thrilled this experience has resolved itself. Life is so beautiful. And the timing is always perfect, isn't it?

Love you,
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