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My internet was down over the weekend. Gave me more opportunity to practice patience and to just be in the moment with whatever the moment held. I am finding, that I am so enjoying each moment. Whether that is spent online, cooking, watching a tv show or driving to my next destination. And working, I am loving my work so very much. I have really become aware of being in total communion with my moment of focus and to be in union with whatever I am focusing on in the moment. If computers are down, I no longer fret, because I realize I certainly can do nothing about that but wait until they are up again. So, I direct my attentions to what I can be doing in the moment that will be beneficial for me in some way. And I always find total delight in that moment. The most enjoyable moments are spent with Sean and focusing on him and his experiences and also how much he appreciates my experience with him. We both are really focusing on being aware in each moment of experience.

I am certainly learning that life is, first of all, "Acceptance" of what is in this moment. And secondly to make the best of the moment in whatever circumstance I find myself. And thirdly, to appreciate the experience. For me anyway, I am here to experience all things. So, I am grateful and Gratitude is a vessel within itself to move oneself through life in a more appropriate manner that is conducive to ones nature.

Sean has an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon Wednesday. Hopefully he will set a date for the surgery on his right foot and ankle if it is time. Just intending for Sean's highest good as well as the highest good of the ortho surgeon.

Thank you who may be reading this at this moment for sharing this thought/feeling with me. I truly appreciate the interchange of energies that have taken place because of that. I hope that you feel as blessed as I do.

Love you all,
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