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I like to add here some information about connection of Vedic calendar and Long count Mayan calendar.
Mesoamerican Long count calendar end of 13 Baktuns is often described as to end on 20 December 2012. This calendar starting date is calculated to be August 11,3114 BCE in Gregorian or September 6 in the Julian calendar.

But what I found interesting reading Vedic calendar is the beginning of Kali Era that began around February 17 3102 BCE.

The difference is approximately 12 years of starting date of those cycles. Current year according to Vedic Calendar is Nandana 5114 that started in April when Sun went to Aries in true sidereal zodiac.

The Long count calendar is about 5125-years, so if we were to assume that there is close connection of those cycles and we move beginning date of long calendar by 12 years later than end date of long count 13 baktuns would be aprox in 2023 not 2012.

And I see in astronomy programs that year 2023 also coincides with another great planetary alignments as they did in the beginning of Kali Yuga. I strongly believe that there is ancient knowledge that links both calendars and it was around 3102. That's why I don't think that this year Solstice is the End of long count cycle. Only time will tell.
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