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Default First International Forum on the Evolution of Consciousness

I have had some visions and messages fromo spirit about the First International Forum on the Evolution of Consciousness that will be held in Paris. This event is being sponsored by Andrew C ohens organization, Enlighten Next. I have an intuition that this form will be a component in a process that help will help spark a renaissance in this time period.

I was shown someone in the Gobi desert studying some ancient parchments. In Larry Andrews' book Secrets of the Silk Road he talks about a group of high initiates living in the Gobi desert. They are hidden and have not been discovered by the Chinese government. I heard the word Byzantine. I believe that it was through Venice trading with the Byzantine Empire that it received some knowledge which helped sparked the Renaissance in Italy. I think the Byzantines got some of their knowledge via the silk road. Also, I had a vision of the pyramid and the sphinx in Egypt. I think it will be partially a rediscovery of knowledge that the ancients knew.

I connected with Andrew Cohen on the Inner Planes. I know this is just wild speculation on my part I feel like this is coming from a high level. Maybe this Renaissance will be about creating a context which will help build a bridge between spirituality and science. Out of this bridge a new asthetics might be developed which will help create some multi dimensional technology. Maybe artificial intelligence will play a part in helping to create this new technology. Of course, I could be wrong, so I am just having faith in what I received. Time will prove if I am right or wrong.
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