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Default For Shirley

Good show. Now all of our logical thoughts and fears can resurface, regroup and seek even more answers...if there really are more answers. Thing is...geological facts are just that...geological facts. More interesting still are the ancient sources we can catalogue, warning us on all channels about the sun situation and ancient remedies. Are we capable of any kind of logical preparations at this evidentally late stage?

When I was in the Great Pyramid sarcophagus ( for what I was told was about 30 minutes)...I completely "disappeared" immediately after praying for World Peace. I was furious that I was being asked to get out as I "thought' I had only entered seconds before! A clairvoyant in the group informed me that when I got out that to him I was a very tall man with a white beard wearing a long white robe and to him was some sort of Celtic leader! This even pissed me off more!
Some call this the earth altar "central" for our planet. Maybe it is so from a geographical standpoint as was discussed.

Maybe we should just be praying alot to the Sun god to calm down and spare us. Would be nice for the governmental "powers that be" to make it clear to our people what is really going Robert did from his perspective.

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