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Originally Posted by tjs1025
I recently graduated from college and have been having some difficulty in transitioning onto the next chapter of my life. Two Sundays ago, I was sick and tired of feeling trapped in my house and having nowhere to go, so I decided to head to a local park near my house by myself.

This was a wonderful idea. I sat on a bench and wrote in my journal for a little bit. I then walked around the different paths in and around the forest. I was surrounded by trees and about 100 feet to my right was a magnificent pond. Between the fall foliage, the reflection of the sun along the pond and the distant laughter and screams of children playing--I finally felt at ease. Nonetheless, I went returned and repeated my new meditation last Sunday.

I just used this as an opportunity to gather my thoughts. Why am I having so much difficulty in transitioning from college into the real world? Why have I become extremely nostalgic? How can I make my life better back home now that everyone else I used to be close with has since relocated? Why has nothing panned out despite my tenacity and persistence?

It then dawned on me that nature and I were truly in sync. I thought of all my thoughts and memories as the leaves that were changing color and falling. Before I feel like I am finally heading in the right direction in my life, I have to be able to let go of everything, especially the belief that I am in absolute control of everything. When I am able to do this, things will begin to fall in place. Fresh and new. Things will begin to make sense again and I will know I am finally moving forward.

So nice! Enjoy walking new paths and don't look back! Past is done but future is just opening its door to you. May your journey be filed with harmony, love and peace.
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