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Default What a Learning Experience!

I have been learning so much about Depression from Sean. Recently, he told me, "Mom, you have asked me to always tell you what I am feeling, well, this is what I am feeling." From there he went on to say that he has been having some "dark" feelings that he knows he shouldn't be feeling and it started to concern him. We discussed the symptoms of Depression and that it causes a chemical imbalance that one doesn't seem to have control over. In any case, what Sean has gone through in the last couple of weeks and because of his total honesty, has proven to me, that chemical imbalance is indeed, the culprit of Depression and one cannot "Positive Thought" themselves out of it. So, we got help to adjust his meds for depression and today he said that he feels a lot better and it seems to be relieving him of negative feelings.

I questioned him indepthly because I so want to understand and from what he is telling me is that even though he "knows" consciously that he has no reason to be feeling these dark shadow feelings, they still creep up on him and he realizes that he needs help to overcome them. Anyway, we were both so grateful that he felt comfortable in telling me this and we made sure that he got response from his doctor to change his meds and they seem to be helping him.

In sharing this, I am wanting to bring to the surface that those of us who do not suffer from depression have no idea what all that entails and to judge it is totally erroneous on our parts. We must listen and extend help to see that the issue is addressed appropriately and medicated accordingly. As well, we are attempting to get Sean some counseling to go along with the meds which we both think is important. However, we are not certain that that is available at this time. In any case, to listen to the one who is having these problems is the most important thing. And realizing that Depression is indeed a chemical imbalance of the brain has been so proven to me by my observations and the sharing with Sean. So, if you have someone in your life that doesn't seem to be able to cope in one way or another, maybe it is time to consider that they may have "depression" and that they need some help to overcome that.

I am so grateful that my son now is able to tell me what he is feeling and feels secure in the doing so, knowing that I will do everything in my power to assist him. But, also, he is being proactive in his own care with his caretakers and telling them what he needs to thrive and they are listening. So, I feel this is something important, not only for Sean and me but for all of us who are experiencing these things.

Loving you all, Deb
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