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Yes, Synchronicity is the best. For me, it's because I grew up "knowing" that The Force was real, that my life had a purpose connected to the universe so as long as I followed my inner voice I would not be steered in the wrong direction.

On the outer level it might seem to others that I had a very roundabout way of getting to where I am going but in truth, it is the perfect way. So, synchronicity is not just the event of coming to this place in my life but it is in the way I use everything I've been taught or experienced in the prior chapters of this life. I stage manage projects, I perform for the crowd, I assist others, I create letters and spreadsheets of information, I build, I do PR and more.

The awareness piece for me is that all my previous experience has prepared me to be a leader. It has prepared me to shine brightly without fear or worry of what the person next to me will think.

Synchronicity is evidence that we are moving ch'i through our actions and intentions by refining our integrity and authenticity.




"Sometimes you think you've lived before, all that you live today. Things do come back to you as though they knew the way. Oh, the tricks your mind can play." - Lorenz Hart
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