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Without really knowing you I can only tell you my feelings on your situation. I believe that everyone in my life is here for a reason, to help me with the lessons I need to learn. I think that the people (and fur friends) in my life are a reflection of some part of my inner self and the more I get to know and understand my relationships, the better I can understand myself.
Take a good look at your friend and at your relationship. Take time to sit back and look at him objectively. Explore how you feel about specific things in the relationship. What do you find? How do your findings relate to you and your life?
There may be a bigger picture here which can be frustrating when you are feeling so physically connected right now.
Unrequieted love is so frustrating. I find it to be a lesson in patience myself.

I hope this helps. And I would love to hear about your experiences on the Camino. My friend and I are trying to figure out if the walk will be a possibility for us. We are doing some peliminary research and figuring out the logistics.

Take care,
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