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I haven't read too many of the previous posts for fear of spoilers. I have just rented the first couple of discs of DA from Jumbo video (for those of you in Canada) and I LOVE the show. I cannot wait to see Shirley in the show. How perfect! The show has taken off here as though it were the Fifty Shades or Hunger Games series! Everyone I work with is watching, or waiting to watch. I saw the videos at the library a month ago...and now there is a huge waiting list to get them. You can't find them anywhere. I have to wait now for the rest of the season 1 discs to come back to Jumbo, then I can finish them and jump into season 2. I love Maggie Smith's character and her rivalry with Mrs. Crowley. And I love the mood and the way the show is filmed. The music too is beautiful.

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