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To quote Annie "I think I'm gonna like it here..."!
Thank you again for your kind replies...and 'other' Jade: We could really have some fun here! But I don't want to confuse everyone. I chose my online name simply because I wasn't feeling creative at that moment. My name is Jade and I was born in 1974. Hence, jade74.

Anyways, I want to slip another dream excerpt in here....

So, I am in a room full of doctors. I am very self-conscious of the fact that two of my own doctors are there too. I am half way through the room before I realize that there is a meeting going on and I shouldn't be there. I try to make my way to an exit on the far side of the room. It is a door along a wall full of large clear windows that face out on to the parking lot. Just beyond the lot are hills, rolling and green. There is also a tree and the sun. It is late afternoon. I keep my head down in order to avoid being seen by my doctors. Just as I approach the windows I realize I have to make my way past a row of young women...high school or college aged. They are styled as though it is the 80's; blonde perms, pastel sweaters, light jeans and tennis shoes. I am brushing past them when all of a sudden I step on one of the girls toes. She squeals and the toes make a resounding crack that awakens everyone to my presence. I am mortified. Everyone is looking at me, including my doctors. I also feel horrible for stepping on the girl's toes. This is when the woman in the crowd shouts out at me. We go through the dialogue that I have previously posted then I push myself past the girls and head through the door. It is now dusk.

This excerpt has me literally stepping on someone's toes. I find that the literal in my dreams often translates to the metaphorical in my waking life. For example (and I will use my husband again!) I once dreamt that a bulldog was angrily trying to bust through my screen door. It was barking up a storm. My husband was born in the year of the dog and we had been fighting that night.

So, stepping on someone's toes. Again, there is much more to this dream..I warn you..if you don't stop me I may be posting for the whole year on this!!!
In general, upon reflecting on the dream as a whole it made sense. I have been imposing on my friends for support and not sharing my appreciation for them as much as I should. So yesterday I took my friend flowers and thanked her for being there for me, and I emailed two other friends to let them know how much I loved them.

Share your thoughts!

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