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Hi Peg,
Nice to meet you. Thank you for your reply. I have heard that focusing on the feeling you wake up with is a good way to figure out meaning in the dream. I try to linger and remember and write about my dreams when I can. Sometimes I wake up and the feeling is truly present....that's when I know I need to pay attention. I can usually figure out the easier symbolism in my dreams; the stuff that reflects my daily life. For example, in this particular dream I was in a room full of doctors who were having an important meeting about the future of the profession. At one point all eyes were on me and the feeling was that they needed me to participate. A woman shouted out that my not participating would skew the results of the meeting and they could lose money. I was anxious and upset, on my way to getting out of the room so I shouted back that if they didn't let me leave I would twist the vote so that they wouldn't get the money anyway and thus keeping me there would be a waste of their time.
This parallels my life right now as my husband is both a politician and a teacher. He is very involved with his union and is organizing his colleagues to fight against decisions the province has made to scale back their benefits and retirement packages etc. He goes to many important meetings, and is kept busy with phone calls and emails. Ironically he just stepped down from his role of city councillor in order to spend more time with us, but is just as busy. The above excerpt from my dream reflects the struggle and anxiety both my husband and I have regarding our level of participation and committment to social justice.
Whew! And this was just a tiny portion of my dream!
Really, the overall feeling I got about this dream was that I should watch my step and not step on anyone's toes....but those are two lengthy excerpts in their own right and I will spare you further reading tonight!!

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