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Default Interesting website

Dear Hearts

Saw this on face Book and like to share here, wonder if its connected to Alpha Centuri Portal I was told by guides on Sunday.

I like this info it reminded me how in meditation on 11-11-11 in Machu Picchu I saw this symbol of Eye.

"The most intriguing artifact of the group is a representation of a pyramid (above) with 13 horizontal divisions or steps, 3 sides on the inlaid triangular face and 1 eye symbol. The single engraved and inlaid florescent eye is a Sanskrit spiritual symbolism for psychic vision: the third-eye.

As there are no known true pyramids in the Americas, only a multitude of stepped pyramids, this must be considered a representation of the Great Pyramid at Giza thousands of miles away.

Interestingly, this Ecuadorian artifact records the third-eye symbol of the original façade whose casing stones are now absent. The reverse side of the triangular artifact bears a gold-plated inscription of the Orion’s belt constellation and a series of Archaic Sanskrit glyphs, as yet uninterpreted."
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