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Hi Jade

Dreams are fascinating communications, aren't they?

Usually for me, I just remember snippets as I wake up,
but have had several thru the years which were very
detailed and wrote them down. I know for me, the first
thing I focus on is what I am feeling immediately coming
out of the dream. Then if I need to, I reference some of
the possible symbolic interpretations, as there is a lot of
data on dream interpretation. However, none of that is
concrete, and only the dreamer will know if any of it
resonates with them. But sometimes, it can be a helpful
tool in deciphering your own, like is any part of the dream
(people, actions, etc) mirroring something going on in my
waking life (issues, etc) that I need to look at more

Yes, sometimes I am participating in the dream, and
sometimes I am just observing it (and I am conscious of
observing it in the dream!).

Do you have any inkling as to specifics (or area of life)
of the warning last night? May the Light illuminate your
path before each step (literally and figuratively)...

Blessed Be,
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