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Default Big, colourful dreams

Dear Shirley and friends,

I dream in vivid colour and detail. My dreams are so epic that trying to write them out in the morning is like writing a book. It takes hours and I have to spread it out over the day. My friends tell me I am so lucky. I know I am, but receiving so much information can be overwhelming. How do I know what to focus on? What is the message when there is so much going on?! Colour has meaning, animals, rooms, people, the elements etc. and my dreams can encompass all of this in one dream.
I am curious. How do you dream? Black and white? Colour? Do you feel the dream, live it, watch it?
I did have a dream last night whereby I was warned to watch my step. It was a very strong message as it came to me both in literal and figurative images.

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