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Dear Hearts
In astrology there are two systems one is Tropical , very popular in West and second is Sidereal popular in East.

The Tropical is based on fix position of Spring Equinox in March as starting point 0 Aries. The spring Equinox was in this point about 2000 years ago. But Equinox point is moving backwards about 1 degree in 72 years so this point is now in Pisces and it will move into Aquarius in about 350 years starting the age of Aquarius.
Tropical astrology is referring to positions of planets as calculated in the book but not as it is in the sky now.

Sidereal or true astrology is based on actual current position of planets and stars in the sky viewed from Earth.

I have learned about two systems and recognised the valiu of true Sidereal astrology system. When I see for example Moon next to Spica in Virgo and people write the Moon is in Libra that really pushes my button.

So what I am trying to do is to educate and help people recognise both systems.
Learn the 12 astrological or 13 astronomical ecliptic constellations.
Learn how to recognise 4 major fix stars and when you will look at night at the sky you will know where the Moon or other planets are now.

This is what my guides guided me to do -learn about constellations.

So what I share is that awareness of the second astrology system
Sidereal -True system reflecting as it is in our sky now not in some book.

One of the websites that I come across using sidereal astrology is lunar planner.

But here is another site that shows true positions of Moon and planets.

Hindu -Vedic astrology is using true sidereal system.
Here is position of Moon and transits of planets now in the sky using True Sidereal system.

You can expand your knowledge and see current true-sidereal positions here

To western astrologers, please use your interpretation skills using true position of planets and see for yourself what it will teach you about current planetary vibration. It will expand your perception. Love and Light
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