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Originally Posted by Lah
People I know right now with Cancer! Or serious challanges!

1. Peter terminal liver Cancer

2. Good friend Jill's brother Todd terminal liver Cancer (only 45)

3. Wendy breast Cancer and several tumors in her stomach and Uterious!

4. Colleen (my Math Teacher) terminal , rare, Cancer in her foot...

5. Deborah, does NOT have Cancer but she needs light, she lost her dance studio and has faced many, many challanges this year, please help her find her way back to the perfect studio she can afford.. It has been a very trying time for her..

6. Continue to send our beloved Brit light, she does sooo much, for everyone!!!

I include these people in my daily meditations but the power of this page makes me think I should add them here, and as I hear of people I will add it to this page!!!

Transmitting Light and Love to this list of beautiful hearts.
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