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When I walk I have to remind myself to look up so I don't miss what surrounds me. I used to force my head up just enough to take in my surroundings before I would find myself looking down again. I always looked down because it was a natural pose to find myself in while thinking. I realize now that I have to balance my thinking with time for just being. Now when I walk I do more than just hold my head up high, I watch the skies. Not only do I have to be conscious of my surroundings so I don't trip, but watching the sky reminds me how much space we have around us. During the Spring and Summer months the skies expand for me. They are clear. I bring a pen and paper to jot notes so I can think later. In the Fall months the air is crisp and I am surrounded by colour. The skies start to cloud up and turn grey. I focus more on being mindful and in the present.
In the winter.....well, the dark, cold, damp weather makes anything a challenge. I will let you know how it goes this year!
I like to walk my dog a lot, but I feel guilty meditating or thinking when I am with her. I want to give her my undivided attention and I enjoy watching her.
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