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Thanks everyone for your kind words.
you know when i was a kid there were some truly outrageous,
unspeakable things going on in my house. And so i think the
Gods just decided to give me a break by sending me this
English teacher whose name was Miss Rudesiel when i was
around 12. Anyway one day she got to talking about antonyms
and synonyms and metaphors and homonyms and similes and
the assignment that day was to use all of them in a composition
about anything. i don't remember what i wrote; i just remember
it was a poem and because i added rhyme to it all, i got an A+. Ha!
And from that point on i was a writing machine. I had a whole
box full of the stuff i wrote as a kid from 12 to 16 (that i tucked
away and no one saw) until my father found the box in my closet
one day and tore what was in it all up into shreds in a rage.
Honestly, i just think it scared the hell out of him. And so he set
out to trying to scare the hell out of me. i moved out shortly after
that. A friend's parents took me in for a year and when i was
17 i hit the road; hitch-hiking cross country from the Wash DC
area to California. Made friends with someone in Denver who
was going to Calif. and drove with her the rest the way.
And from California back to DC a year later and then off again
heading up to Illinois. i worked for manpower as i went along
and stayed in cheap hotel rooms with kitchenettes that you
rent by the week. i think the bottom line back then was i just
needed to be free; totally free. Looking back, i wouldn't dare
take half the risks now, that i took back then. Hell, i didn't even
know they WERE risks back then.Too funny!
Thanks again everyone.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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