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I had nice meditation with my crystals on the beach after Sunrise.

I got messages from guides who said that we will hear soon about the discovery of subteranian tunels in South America that were discovered in April but information was not released. My guide said that this tunels lead to a portal of interdimensional travel connecting Earth with Alpha Centuri.

I was also told that within 24 hours there will be 3 earth quakes near South America ,Africa and in south Atlantic Ocean than a big volcano will also erupt from under the ocean.

Ok I write this messages as I heard them, now it will be interesting to see if any will come true or if it was just my imagination.

Today I also visited a Hindu Monastery and it was a day of great celebrations a Genesha Festival so I took part of praying with them.
Had a great day and released my past and open for new like Genesha will be reborn again.Love and Light Basia
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