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Originally Posted by OneLight
Dear Basia,

My heart goes out to you for the ordeal you have been experiencing. As you say, this may be a karmic situation, so may I offer you a shift of perception in that Valder’s unwanted behavior brings to the surface that which needs to be healed for you both. And in doing so, he opens the door for you to resolve your part of the karmic situation for your highest good.

If you can make peace with that and appreciate it, if you can let go of what is happening, move with it and not resist it, let it pass through you, and allow your Higher Self to just observe it, you will arrive in a place of peace within. From that position, you can better deal with what is happening and make clearer choices. In doing so, you may find that the situation will balance and take care of itself. In other words, let the Universe, or God, or Source Energy do the work in answering your prayers for resolution.

And along with that, from that place of peace and love within yourself, take time to surround Valder with loving, healing energies, for we are all connected spiritually and consciously, and he too (like us all) is a “child of God”. Even though his current actions may not be reflective of that, it doesn’t mean he can’t change and make better choices for his own soul’s alignment with the Love and Light that resides within us all. So perhaps consider surrounding Valder with loving energies, it may make all the difference.

I am surrounding you both with the healing energies of Love and Light for the highest good.

Much love…Peg

Thank You Peg
I was holding inside for so long about that and I just needed to share it here and it brought great relese.

Today I had to face him in court it was less stressful for me I felt recharged and strong. This case was moved to 26 October for another mention when it will be decided if it will go for hearing.

My guides reminded me today " its not Wining or Loosing but how the game is played". They also told me to be more happy not stressed.

Belive me that from the begining of that situation I am working on sending Forgiveness with Love. But when last time I saw him in December I actually said to him that I can not forgive him what he did to my inocent mother.

Still work in progress..... Thank You so much Love & Light.
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