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How was the chat?

As we are on the subject of AA Michael I like to share with you my experiences with this Angel.

When my son who is also named Michael was about 18 (he is now 35) he had many friends who were not the best influence on him.

I went to a meditation and that evening AA Michael was channelling. After meditation I asked Angel to help my son and remove his friend from coming to my home.

Than in my vision I saw AA Michael as he stood in front of me, he put his sward across my legs as I was seating in a chair and his right had he placed on my right shoulder and said to me: 'You can do it".

Soon after that meditation my son moved out to live with my mother to study at Uni and many years latter went to Police academy. Now is working as computer analyst with Police. And the patron of Police is AA Michael as is celebrated on 29 September Michaels name day.

I had many great visions of AA Michael and I like this picture that my boyfriend Christian drew after he saw AA Michael in meditation at my home.

I wrote about AA Michael in this post on my blog:

When Christian drew this picture angel was not holding a shield. Few days latter in another meditation AA Michael come again and showed to Christian the red shield and Christian had to add that shield later on that picture.
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