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Originally Posted by renaissance
We're lucky enough to have fantastic choices in Nature here where I live too Shirley to do walking,hiking,biking,jogging mindfulness meditations.It's funny but when you really get into it,through the breath and /or mantras, worries about tripping,falling,crashing,getting lost etc. seem to fall (maybe a bad choice of word? away as does time. Sometimes all the beauty around you seems to be enhanced to all the senses! I luv travelling to other places that have labyrinths.There is one at a Jesuit retreat nearby,out in the countryside yet near a busy road.Whe you're walking this particular labyrinth, all the busy-ness fades away.I took a dear friend there once who had just recovered from a severe stroke.It was both very challenging and a way of finding serenity and grace for us both.We will never forget that experience!I love repeating mantras with breath at these times and if I may I'd love to share a fave with you all and I'd love to hear more from others!
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Love this post Renaissance, Thank You.
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