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Thumbs up Thorium nuclear energy:An alternate safe,cleaner resource

Hi yawl! Sure hope you all have had a summer with great outcomes!It's sure has been a busy ,productive one from this neck of the woods!One thing I've been researching this summer has been alternate forms of cleaner energy.One particular topic of interest was thorium a very little known or heard about element on our periodic table .I think you will find the following Google Tech talk by Kirk Sorensen (2009) very very intriguing!This is not a new technology but rather one that was put into experimental use for 6 years way back when then trashed by the U.S. government(couldn't make weapons grade plutonium from it What a crazy world we live in!!Now,fast forward to today and you will find that thorium liquid fluoride generators are being brought back to the table as a possible alternate energy source however ,still much gov.t debate and foot dragging is going on due to the same issues and well,quite frankly, ignorance whether intentional or not.There is a subtle movement going on though that will hopefully spread the word about this very intriguing possibility.If you've time,try and listen to Kirk's excellent lecture about this form of nuclear technology.I know nuclear brings bad memories for all of us but,after having watched this video, see what you think then. I was totally anti-nuclear because of its costs and most importantly the risks during operation and hazardous waste material disposal in its 'after-life'.
Here's a link to this particular lecture there are several on the subject!!
Or if that doesn't work, Google or You Tube Kirk Thorensen:Energy from Thorium:A Nuclear Waste Burning Liquid Salt Thorium Reactor.There are several videos offered.
There's always hope out there isn't there guys?Even in this very cranky period of Mama Earth's time. Dang do we need a cosmic slap up the back of the head or what!!?? It's all about $$$..sad to say.Be well ,Deb
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