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Default Need help to reduce Stress and be strong.

Dear Hearts

Since last year I been experiencing many testing situations in my life that I feel drained my emotional balance.

I know that it is probably a situation of Karmic nature from maybe past life but knowing that does not solve the problem, as I have to deal with this now.

I also know all the astrology planetary positions in my chart and that is a small help but still it requires strength on my part that sometimes I feel I don't have.

In October 2011 I allowed a man to stay temporary for a month in my mothers unit when I went to Peru. My mother was living than with my sister as we were waiting for exchange of that Government unit to a lower ground accommodation because mother had a stroke and could not walk up stairs.

When I come back in December he refused to move out and asked for $2000 or he would sue me for $5000.

I refused his extortion treats and with Police assistance removed all my mothers belongings from that unit than gave unit back to the Department who evicted him.

He took my mother original tenant innocent victim and Department to court in the end of December 2011. We had about 10 court cases since that he lost so far but he put more appeals now.

Heí name is Valder, 60 years old who was an financial adviser but is unemployed and egomaniac that claims to have 140 IQ and had been enrolled in past 2 years as student at Low. He is misusing this knowledge for his financial extortions. He has a number of court cases where he is suing other people as well as he has criminal cases with Police where he got criminal records that he is appealing now.

I went to some of his court cases with another friend Marek to find out what he was up to and now Valder find a way to take me to court. He is arrogant, intimidating manipulator and is really angry with me now because I am his 'jinks' whenever I go to court I use the Light 'magic and he is on a loosing road so he wants to prevent me going to his cases. He finds out my email address and twice I blocked his emails.

So he put private Apprehended Violence Application against me. He was not able to serve me the papers yet but because I check on Internet his cases so I am aware that this case is on Friday 21 September.

He found out now where I stay in Sydney and last week he come to this address snooping around when he was caught by my sons girlfriend Kim who text the rego of the car he was driving to my son and I reported this to Police.

I have two sons who work in Australian Police but I have to fight my battles alone, as they cannot interfere in this.

So far with the help of my spirit Guides and Angels I was able to protect my mother in court but feel drained of energy as this next stage of confrontations is coming now.

I have a friend Lucia who is very visual and we did meditation "Transmuting Flame' together last week. Lucia knew Valder as he used to come with Marek to my meditation classes in 2005. But than he diapered until he contacted Marek in 2011.

Now in meditation Lucia saw Valder being tie-up with rope around his legs and hands to a chair, his mouth and his eyes were covered with a tape so he could not see or speak. Than she saw a calendar pages moved forward by a wind to November.

She also saw many angels coming down and Angel Samael (he is not an angel of death as written in books) that Lucia knows from many other meditations said to Lucia that he would take care of Valder as he is not a nice person.

I know that I am guided and protected by many of light beings but at times I feel deserted when dealing gets tuff but I know its a test and harder it gets more strenght I have to find within.

I saw lawyers yesterday but they asked for $4000 to represent me money that I don't have so I need to fight this battle on my own.

So I officially ask for universal help and your help of sending your light and prayers for strength and ending to this drama, resolving this situation in best possible way.

So On 21 September itís my court appearance than on 9 November is another of my mother cases with this man and at the end of November is another court case with Maurizio who is another victim of Valderís extortions. So maybe all will finish than.

Thank you from my heart for reading this and for your Love and Light. Basia

Ps. after posting this picture in another posts I realised I may bring this portal of Light to this post for transmuting and energy work. thank you
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