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Wow Froggie I love reading your stuff!
Still did not listen to the show but was wondering have you written a book?

When I was reading your above post it struck me your explanation about geometrics and I wonder if you seen the crop circle Cube that appeared on 26 August. I think that your knowledge can be applayed to that crop Cube.
Here is link:

Quote from above post"
I am referring to elements of an equation describing a geometric lattice on a plane within the Matrix field.
You would probably recognize a chemical "graphite" structure tessellation, or a hexagon referred to as a polytope, a six sided flat plane geometric design.
There are three basic polytopes, cubic (square 4 sided), triangular (3 equal sided), and hexagonal (6 sided).
These exist in numeric combinations on the flat Euclidean plane, of 4/4 for cubic, 6/3 for hexagonal and 3/6 for triangular.
These numeric combinations refer to the patterns inherent to the mosaic in which each polytrope is placed.
For example,four cubes on a flat plane surround a cube; as the pattern repeats itself it creates a checkerboard - a concept for the "fabric of space time".
For the hexagon polytrope moving laterally across a flat plane, the six sided form can only adhere itself to three sides of another hexagon, thus 6/3.
How ever, a triangular polytrope is a 3/6 combination, therefore across a plane a triangular polytrope can expand across the plane to form (ultimately) a six sided hexagon.

If these combinations are expanded four dimensionally, they take on new properties and meaning.
Hence, they are fundamental constructs in the mathematical explanations of eight dimensional hyperspace - and beyond.

Bend these geometric extensions into expanded curves, holding the principal geometric conditions and you are starting to get a sense of the construct of the Matrix field
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