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Originally Posted by debabbott
Sending loving healing energies to surround both Jim and Erlene and intending for their highest good.

So good that they have loving giving children who are willing to help them in this time. I don't think anybody likes to be dependent on another. I think it has to do with a sense of pride. When we were once able to take care of ourselves and others, now we have to depend on someone else. It goes back to being more comfortable with giving than receiving. And that has to do with "control" - being in control of oneself. In any case, it is an opportunity to become humble for sure. I think it is just another of life's lesson's that we are so presented throughout our lives to let us know that no man is an island and that we are all connected.

And like my Dad said on his deathbed, "Sugar, we are here to help each other."

Big hug to you my dear friend, I truly know how difficult it is to witness those you love, suffer. We will all get thru this, too.

Love you dearly, Deb

Hey my friend, as always I thank you for your wise thoughts. It ties in with what Brit was saying. And also, we have this sense of pride and independence, and when circumstances arise that hinder those qualities in us, I think you are correct that our lesson may be to learn to receive. In the bigger picture, there is such a flow to that, like the continuous ebb and flow of the gentle waves upon the shore!

Blessed Be,
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