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Originally Posted by A Dreamer

I will add your brother-in-law, Jim and sister Erlene to my prayers. Sending
some love for you too.

You know what I do here each day. My mother is not a burden. Despite her not knowing who I am in relation to her and not being able to do anything except feed herself she is not a burden and I will miss her terribly when she leaves. She cannot do much, but she does thank me every day for "being so kind and helping" her. Some of her sayings when she talks to the room are very funny. Even with her little ability to communicate I can tell that although she appreciates me caring for her needs, she would rather be able to do these things for herself. So, I have some idea of how a person feels that they could be a burden to someone else. We have to live out our life here until it is time for us to go on. I think that my mother does feel that she is a burden but she is never-the-less glad to have me helping her while she is here. I am blessed to have her with me and to have the opportunity to care for her. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, A D

Thanks AD, how beautiful it is to witness your recognition of the gift you and your mom are to each other. I truly believe that even though consciously she may be unsure of who you are, in the deepest level of her heart and soul, she knows exactly who you are. And it is this Universal connection that is playing out right now in your daily lives, a view of the rhythms and cycles of life that are more precious than the finest jewel. Blessings to you both.

Blessed Be,
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