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Default wow!

Thank you so much for these metaphysical spins on our shoulder woes, everyone! In retrospect, makes complete sense to me ~ also helps me to understand better when current problems with my shoulders occur.

Out of every negative, comes a positive -- I'm terribly sorry for your pain, Wolfdog, and do pray it's alleviated some by now -- and am grateful for the helpful contributions that your request for light generated.

Thank you and love to all!


Originally Posted by OneLight
In metaphysical symbolism, shoulders do represent burdens and responsibilities. It could represent, like you say, feeling like we are shouldering the responsibilities of the world, or it could mean an unwillingness to shoulder a responsibility. On the other hand, it could also have to do with moving forward in life (putting our shoulder to the grindstone) if we have been feeling stagnant and not going anywhere.

One method I have found useful for me in relieving pain is breathing deep, relaxing, and peacefully saying “There is no pain where the Presence of God is, and I AM that Presence”.

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