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Oh, OUCH! You are definitely in my prayers, Wolfdog; shoulder injuries really affect the entire body (balance, co-ordination, etc). I broke my right shoulder a few years ago -- weirdest thing! I was in New York City, racing to catch a train out of Penn Station back to New Jersey, when it started pouring and got really, really windy (this was the day before Thanksgiving, I remember). I paused long enough to pop open my umbrella then took off again at a trot - well, as much as one can trot on crowded city streets . Next thing I knew I was splattered face down on the sidewalk. My umbrella had flipped inside out by the wind and I'd instinctively lunged forward to try to catch it. Like you, I don't weigh a lot and the wind toppled me right over. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED!

A kind pedestrian piled me into a taxi and took me to the nearest emergency room - - ugh ugh ugh. Months of physical therapy ... being small-boned seems to be a handicap sometimes, though one would think it would be easier as there's "less" to heal. HA!!!

Anyway, you are in my prayers!!!!

Lura (who no longer ever ever EVER uses an umbrella )
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