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Default Could use a little helpful energy

Would be grateful for some energy help for my shoulders. I seemed to be feeling better but, am now again in alot of pain from a prolotherapy session yesterday.Brief history...started as a kid tennis player...then doing alot of artwork.Was in physical therapy for the greater part of two years to no avail. Rotor cuffs on both arms were ripped several times ( twice in car accidents (08 & 2011) where I was hit by kids texting and on phone not paying attention)...and once in the Cairo airport (09) where I was trampled by a fast moving heard of humans. I was holding the heavy suitcase raised handle and my arm was completely twisted around. Sometimes I forget that I am small...weigh between (108 and 110)!Really hoping to heal without surgery. Thank you for your prayers and healing energy help.

Wolfdog you know why I was unable to finish our Egypt story!
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