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Itís been interesting reading this discussion about neutrality. I think, and I could be wrong, that Shirley was using the word neutrality as a word picture in an attempt to portray a state that precedes an expression, thought or response; undifferentiated pre-time; the silence between expression and reaction. Neutrality has no form of itself but provides the sphere wherein such can be born and experienced; the space between the cause and the reaction.

I am of the opinion that we feel and react to sensory information because we have a form, an identity or self that distinguishes itself from other. Without a difference that knowing would not exist. However absolute neutrality can not exist within a sense of self and other. None-the-less neutrality can be discovered when one relinquishes their mental connections with their sense of self and attunes to or focuses awareness as an undifferentiated knowing where all is one; the state sought during meditation. It removes ones awareness from the boundaries of experienced knowledge to the state of infinite knowing. Knowledge sets the parameters of what we mentally understand or believe to be reality. It is our gift and our curse. Within our knowledge base, structure or form we experience and react consciously to our life yet can free our focus from the boundaries of that existence, or the cause and effect reality of our life by assuming a state of neutrality.

Neutrality in our daily lives can be retained to varying degrees by remaining centered within ourselves as the observer rather than as the focused participant within and of the events being enacted by our existences, our forms. The observer is aware of all that transpires but does not precondition sensory awareness by filtering it through a preconceived knowledge base or function established by the parameters or boundaries of form being utilized for self expression. In that state you are more than the body/mind awareness utilizing both self expression and atunement with life.
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