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I have some concerns and questions about remote viewing. A concern is that the psychic realm or 4th dimension is the realm of deception. Besides the dark forces like dark angels and bad ET's the 4th dimension can be full of beings with different agendas wanting to deceive people. Without a spiritual context people can be easily deceived and conned. The Bible says one should test the spirits. The different spiritual paths all described we work on themselves to try to purify oneself of your shadow side and unfinished business. I think when somebody does psychic work they should pray for protection and also they bring through the highest.

That being said, I think the military should be breeding people with the remote viewing ability and also genetically engineering parasites to put in the pineal gland. This will enable the remote viewer to take high doses of DMT without dying or going insane. In my future incarnation as a woman I will meet a remote viewer who I will fall in love with. Then God will tell me that I have to kill this person because R. V. are evil. I will have to experience the angst of earthly love and the guidance I have received. Maybe if I am spiritually advanced enough I can do the right thing.
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