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Hi Wolfdog,
Without looking back through my target notes I recall we were sent to a location that is M72 on the Cartesian map. I don't remember the notes on what we were tasked to view but I do recall the terrain and that the civilization had been through some type of destruction through wars. They seemed to be living in an environment that was now very hard to live in due to what had been done to it. They were a memorial to what can go wrong with not getting along with one selves and other worlds they had been at war with.
They are not visiting us.
Another target we did was to retrieve technology from another section of the mapped universe. This civilization had free energy abilities, healing capabilities that were well beyond the scope of what has been achieved.
They seemed to know how to convert polluted air into clean air. They didn't seem to have as large range of emotions as we do - also because of some sort of technology that kept them less fearful and more content. Can't say what they looked like because that was not the task of the target.
It was discussed after doing this particular target that a number of great technologies we utilize today may and have come from "viewing" such types of off world locations.
Think tanks, or as a viewer might call it, "thought incubation" targets can offer a wealth of advanced types of information.
I've never done a target that tasked us to see "who might be helping us" but I have been in Peru in the Andes with 30 other viewers and seen some pretty wild stuff in the sky. Lights jumping across the horizon in a blink of an eye. Lights going up and down and sideways in maneuvers that are not feasibly possible with the known air crafts we have.
It was also evident by some of the obscure ruins we were visiting - after trekking 35k into Chocoquero - that we may have been visited a very long time ago as well. I imagine by the same beings that created the Nazca lines. My guess is who ever they were still have got something going on in this very remote high altitude area.
Doing these type of targets definitely opened my eyes to how small we really are on the Elephants butt of it all!
xo Froggie
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