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Thank you NY Spirit, will keep 'The Rainbow Bridge' close to my heart, have had, with a specific feline, come back to me two times, the second was a 'rescue fur-baby' and fascinatingly, she had the same given name,'Bailey' as my first Bailey who had just passed about one-year earlier.

The first Bailey, named after the alcohol spirit 'Bailey's Irish Cream' was raised until her mother was killed, doing the best that I could, she was very tiny and needed a bottle, was really a soul mate because she 'stuck to me like glue,' and me too, had never had a baby that small, I was her mom, and had the best child that a person could ever have. The second 'Bailey' acted almost exactly the same and seemed to know my routines of living, simply an amazing experience, and feel very fortunate to ever have known her, ever, at all.

Your poem is in my heart, am sure that Bailey will come back, because of the mutual love that bonds. Thanks again, NY Spirit, because a fur-person's love is sacred, and so are you.

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