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Originally Posted by Lah
The Musician strikes a chord,

the chord of the magic in my heart,

It strikes my heart with every beat,

The Musician makes music with the beat of my heart.

Hi Lah,
Your post set me to thinking about the synergy between the
beat of the metronome (which sets the tempo for music) and the
beat of one's heart (which sets the tempo for one's existence).
And it made me wonder "what is it"" in a classical piece like
"Meditation from Thias" that touches the heart so (beside the
obvious)? What is it intrinsically?
The tempo turns out to be (as i suspected) 68 to 72 beats per
minute on the metronome; very close to the beats per minute
of the human heart; 70 to 75.
And in the middle of the piece (when the tempo speeds up to
around 100 beats per minute, i swear it feels like my heart speeds
up with it - even though my heart is not crazy about that part. Ha!

An interesting synergy indeed.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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