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I think sometimes we read articles - and this is a good one - and never really think it through.

Even though I'm not overweight, I constantly fight off belly fat now that I'm no longer Ms. Hardbody. It's true that you lose 10% of your muscle weight and I simply just could not do the maintenance had become destructive instead of constructive.

So, now I yoga, but all that muscle weight went to fat and weight I gain I can feel on my back. When my back hurts I'm less likely to exercise and when my back hurts I'm less likely to spend the extra time on the search for better, fresh groceries I can afford and when my back hurts I'm less likely to spend the time in the kitchen preparing food.

So, when I'm overweight in my 'gut' a negative cycle can take over! I live by the 5 pound rule that it's easier to lose 5 pounds than 20 pounds. So, when I get that belly fat, I diet for a couple of weeks....but diet means eat reasonably!

I guess my point being there is a middle ground between being obese and being a constant calorie counter!
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