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Originally Posted by frogborg
I've been Remote viewing for 12 years now.
It was one of the most life changing experiences I've ever had learning how to do this.
I was trained by one of the former CIA Stargate viewer Dr. David Morehouse and have since been paid to do it. I've worked on many different research, medical and law enforcement cases with other viewers and am very confident that not only does it work, but it is one of the most experiential validating tools out there that we are way beyond the physical.
It has a great deal of scientific backing out there and there is a lot of reviewed research that is available that proves that the accuracy of it is well beyond chance.
The US military - as Paul Smith stated - discredited it because some of its viewers began to speak up about what was going on and they needed to do damage control.
If you have information on what an enemy is going to do before they do it and you send in soldiers to fight the battle - where you know they are going to get killed, hurt or chemically war-fared - wouldn't you be liable?! They have to say it doesn't work!
Besides warfare I can assure you that the US Government knows of many other world civilizations - I worked on targets that thousands of viewers have worked on that go to specific quadrants in the mapped Universe - some light years away - that definitely have life on them. My data matched what they all saw and I am confident from doing many calibrated targets, (targets that are verifiable), what I've produced about this off world civilizations is real.
Target numbers are assigned to the director's (the person leading the assignment) thoughts. The director is sending his viewers to go to a person place or thing by his thought form. They decide want they want you to view and assign random numbers to it. This thought form has an energy signal that acts like a trajectory beacon that will direct the viewers to it. Only the director knows what he wants you to go view
That is the simple explanation but there is lots of science behind this that explains why this is possible.
The matrix or the akashic records are available and also future possibilities are available to be viewed as well. Time is different when viewing - it doesn't exist in a linear fashion as we experience it in daily life.
Great interview Shirley.
xo Froggie

Frogge this was interesting to read, Thanks for sharing.

Have not listen to the show yet....
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