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Oh my! 10 years? Remember our rain meditation? And it rained? Terry fell in love with all her new friends and played out on the lawn with them. BB scooted backwards because she didn't have strength in her front legs. What was she - 4 weeks? She peed on my carpet and then on me. We all squished into my little living room quite well I recall. Wonderful Harris, WhiteFeather, shared stories and I had to gently remind him that we were going to meditate and needed quiet. Bj had a serious lupus attack and stayed at the ranch. I recall many of the faces but not all the names. I recall sitting on the back porch talking with some gentle souls. But then I am lucky to recall my own sometimes HaHa.

Yes, we should do it again. And I will be there if my schedule permits. Unfortunately my planning usually extends to the week before a picture rolls. Santa Fe in September and October is incredible. October is better as it is starting to cool off a bit and the leaves are changing. September can still be quite warm.
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