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Walking is a great way to exercise being present;
i think because it's so hard to be present when walking. Ha!
Because while my body is moving forward or backward;
(parallel to that) so is my mind. (i'm so conscious of this now).

With each step, my mind separates itself from my body;
working out this problem or that problem, dwelling on this
solution or that solution. And most of it's involuntary;
something to do with work (which is at least creative. Ha!)
or bills and upcoming events that have to be orchestrated.
Soft Grin...
And sometimes i'm just plain feeling, ya know? Feeling the
events of a day or a year or a lifetime. Sigh...
So while my body is moving forward and my feet are hitting
the ground, my mind is usually everywhere but here now.

But when i remind myself that there are two journeys going
on during walking (the physical and the metaphysical);
then i become more conscious of my spirit and how it's
moving; and i begin to make a concerted effort to reach
out an ethereal arm to grab it (each time i have to) and yank
it back to be present with my body.

One knows when they are truly present during walking; because
there's a subtle shift in awareness that occurs as we're being
(mentally and spiritually) present (while our bodies are moving
physically through time and space).

Suddenly we begin to see that we're defying time and space;
transcending time and space with every step we take. Moving
physically forward or backward while remaining still and present;
it boggles the mind. Ha! The mind says: "This can't be". And then...
Off it goes again... on it's own journey. Too funny...

i love you. Thank you.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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