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Default The Big Elephant, Boglivia and Myele

The Big Elephant, Boglivia and Myele
by Deb Abbott

Sweetness fills the air with another coming to presence
"Hello, Myele, we are so glad you have come to share with us."
Your presence enwraps us all with a particular mellowness
While lifted with a sense of suspense and intrigue
In a way that seems to establish an accord
Than runs through us all.

There is a tingle in the air, an excitement that lingers on
While the refreshing scent of being permeates this abode
There are whispers in the air of something amazing come to be
As well as venaculars unattended to explode in surprise
On certain levels of energy equations that have been disbursed.
And all the while visions awaiting.

In the meantime, all circling in accord, holding the space.
Continuing the energies that are swirling in an upward rise
In the Vortex of Occurance in this moment
Lifting all energies to the level of understanding and awareness
That we are all combining to get to "The One".
Then, realizing that we are all "The One".

As we continue along the inference of "The Spiral"
So do the energies enwrap us to ever exhange
And continue, in the moment, with one Accord...
Listen now, to the depths of the heart's knowing
And rise to the moment of reckoning....

This is it...we are here....

Love, Deb
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