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Default Soul group ?

Dear All,
Just popped in to thank Puma for reminding us all about a great time.
Some who attended believe that we were all there for a reason, and had come together because we were a "Soul Group". Having know each other in past lives etc. Since that first Gathering there were many others held with various original and new people attending. Shirley was never a part of the "Gathering" intentions, which was to just get together and meet everyone and connect in a deeper way. Shirley graciously surprised us all on that first Gathering, but was not at any subsequent ones. Some Gatherings were by invitiation only, and some were just among a small group of friends from this site. I only attended the first gathering, so am not an expert on the ones that came after.
If newbies would like to organise their own gathering by posting it up here and asking for participants then that is fine. Some Oldies might even come along.
Shirley may even host another Cruise, which could be a good and secure way to have a gathering for the Newbies and Oldies. OR we could petition Shirley to hold a seminar for Eboarders, and we all pay a fee for that priviledge. Or you can private message the people you most connect with here and organise to meet up for a two or three person gathering.
So start thinking about what you would like and who you would like to be there...and get GATHERING.
It is easy for me to give advice as I live 14 hours flight from L.A, so am not likely to be at anyones gathering ~
Thanks again Puma. For the memories.
P.S I may not post anymore but I do pop in and read the Boards, and send love and light to those in need.
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