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Default Update

from Center for Sacred Studies:

Update about "Pe’ Sla, The Heart Of All That Is: Help Save the Lakota Heart Land: Stop auction of Sacred land or help the Sioux Nation obtain land."

Last Real Indians, conducted a fundraising effort to save Pe’ Sla, raising $300,000. This sum was combined with $1.3 million put forth by the Rosebud Sioux tribe, enough to finalize the land deal. Mr. Chase Iron Eyes(last Real Indians org) the an attorney, discussed the teachings concerning the Black Hills that he received from his elders a youth: “Its back, we’re talking about the Black Hills again, and it’s the right time for it to happen.” Thunder Hawk talked of the importance of land possession to Sioux identity, saying “The land the priceless. The land is who we are. That’s why we still are who we are, because we have a land base…It doesn’t matter how much money the tribes have to put up for Pe’ Sla. We have to have it.” Councilwoman Young, who participated in the conference calls during which the land deal occurred, thanked both her fellow Sioux negotiators and the Reynolds family for obliging Sioux appeals. “As we continue to renew our belief systems and ceremonies, we urge our people to…continue as human beings to contribute and share our lifesystems with the world…so that Pe’ Sla becomes a universal symbol of peace everywhere.” Former tribal chairman Brings Plenty discussed the Sioux struggle for self-empowerment and the role that land plays in it. “This Pe’ Sla movement, it is a victory.”
The organizers Last Real Indians and Lakota People’s Law Project, an organization which works to return Lakota children from state-run foster care to their families and tribes. Whom organized a press conference Saturday are holding a rally in Rapid City this Wednesday, September 5, to celebrate the purchase of Pe’ Sla. It will be at the Memorial Park Band Shell at 5 PM.


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